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djIt all started in 2005 as a community of DJs. Schalldruck Music stands for the vibrating beats and propelling sounds of electronic music. To initiate people to Schalldruck Music we hosted a multitude of great parties. This attracted a lot of cool DJs and producers to Schalldruck Music. Therefore Schalldruck Music stands for many different varieties of electronic music providing something for every taste. Now, almost



Style: Chillout / Electronica / Synth Pop / Trip-Hop


Ron Wesemann describes himself as a much too young free spirit, who feels at home in pretty much all genres. In his last year of school he entered the world of music, which still holds him captive today. He started out as a songwriter and drummer in a German rock band, followed by California punk, stoner rock, folk and dream pop. Later he accompanied other bands on the cajon, with djembes and accompanied lyricists on the guitar, while he continued to put songs on paper under various pseudonyms, set them to music and performed them on various stages, sometimes with, sometimes without support.

Like so many other of his musician colleagues, he worked in almost every conceivable profession on the side. The only constant in his life, however, is and remains music. In one of his book releases, he writes, "Compared to death, life is like a dream where we can do whatever we want." And so he continues to photograph, write, paint and make music. In 2022 now, he boarded the boat of Schalldruck Music Records, which sends Ron Wesemann's debut single: "Ride On Pegasus," on its maiden voyage around the turntable. "The Schalldruck Gang and Ron Wesemann are now hoisting the sails, setting the alarm for sunset, and teaching the fish to sweat!"

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